I enjoy doing counted cross-stitch projects. Cross stitch is a form of Embroidery that uses X’s of thread to make an image. My mother did cross-stitch and crewel which is another form of embroidery that uses yarn instead of thread.

When Tom started traveling for work, I did cross-stitch projects to keep busy while he was gone, sometimes for months at a time!

Cross-stitching consists of making an “X” in a square with very fine thread to form a pattern. Most X’s are two stitches of the same color, some are two different colors. Additionally, once done, some patterns are outlined with single stitches to highlight areas of the pattern. Cross-Stitch is done on varying densities of X’s. Very course cross-stitch that children do with yarn can be as low as 6 X’s per inch. The common stitch counts for professional cross-stitchers are either 11, 14, 16, 18, or 28 X’s per inch.

Various counts of cross stitch fabric

The threads come in hundreds of colors. Usually, there are 6 individual strands in a scene of cross-stitch floss (or thread). Depending on the pattern and the density of the area you are stitching the thread is separated into 1 or 2 strands for stitching. When outlining, one strand is typically used.

I like to do larger projects over 12″ on the short side and these take from 1 to 4 months to complete depending on where I am and what I am doing.

When doing larger kits, I find that having a roller frame that lets you work on a section at a time makes handling easier and keeps the fabric cleaner.

Rolling Cross-Stitch Frame
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This is my Gallery wall showing just a sampling of the cross-stitch and crewel projects that I’ve done since high school!

Watch new projects that I’m working on. I’ll post something new every 1-6 months!

Here are posts with details of some of my projects