We reach Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Visiting the Wooden Boat Museum, Boldt & Singer Castles.

84 Days Looping
1,355.9 Nautical Miles Total (1,560.3 Statute Miles)
84.9 Nautical Miles This Week
8.4 Hours Underway This Week
8.4 NMph Average Speed
1 Locks This Week, 29 Total Locks

Monday – July 1st – 1 NM – To: Oswego, NY
We had spent Sunday night on the wall between locks 7 and 8 in Oswego. In the morning we moved to the Oswego Marina. We cast off the wall at 9:00 and went the 1/4 mile to Lock 8. Our last lock on the Oswego canal, it was a quick 8-foot drop, and then a short 1/4 mile to the marina. From the lock, we could see the expanse of Lake Ontario directly ahead of us. By 9:30 we were all tied up and settled in our slip.

I decided to wash down the boat as we had picked up a lot of mud and slime going through the locks, so broke out the hose and brush. While I was cleaning, a boat with an elderly couple stopped at the fuel dock to get some gas. The gentleman stepped off his boat and stumbled dropping the line. The boat started to quickly drift away from the dock. They tried to catch it with a boat hook, but the end fell off. Next, the lady tried to drive the boat back to the dock, but it was quickly obvious that she had never driven the boat before, as she went to full throttle, and almost went out of the marina. As the boat was drifting toward our side of the marina, another boater ran past and I grabbed a boat hook and joined him at the far wall where she was heading. We jumped up on the wall, and caught the boat, holding it until the dockmaster brought the owner around on a golf cart so that he could get back aboard and return to the fuel dock. That was our excitement for the day!

Brenda worked on getting our prescriptions transferred to a local pharmacy. With her retirement, we had to get private health insurance, and it didn’t start until July 1st, so we couldn’t get our prescriptions filled until then. We would be in Canada for the next 2 months, so we needed to get a 60 day supply. Blue Cross SC, would only do a 30 day supply unless we used their mailorder pharmacy which takes 5 days to process, so that wasn’t an option. In the end we had to do two re-fills a day apart to satisfy the insurance. So we ordered our first batch of prescriptions and on Monday afternoon. We took an Uber up to the Pharmacy, which was about 3 miles away in the shopping center district. Then we could pick up the second batch on Tuesday. When we got to the Rite-Aid Pharmacy, they had to order one of Brenda’s prescriptions, so we could not get the first of that one until Tuesday, which meant that our early departure on Wednesday was put on hold as we had to wait 24 hours to get the second month filled.

After getting the prescriptions, we walked across the street to a grocery store and did a bit of food shopping, then called Uber to go back to the boat, put away the groceries, and Brenda made a pasta salad for dinner.

Tuesday – July 2nd – 0 NM – In: Oswego, NY
On Tuesday we had to wait until 3:00 before our second round of prescriptions would be ready, so we did some sightseeing. We walked up to Fort Ontario a star-shaped fort built in 1755 during the French & Indian War, it also played a role in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and more recently, it was a refugee camp during World War 2 for 982 Jewish Refugees brought to the US from the concentration camps. Through its early history, it was captured, destroyed, and rebuilt several times. It has been restored to its War of 1812 state, and the buildings are a museum showing the history of the fort with many artifacts. It was an interesting history lesson.

After visiting the fort, we walked down a rails-to-trails path that cuts through downtown Oswego, then goes over the canal and river to the other side of town. One part of the trail goes through a tunnel that passes under the city hall, it then goes out onto the railroad bridge across the canal and river which gave us a great view of locks 7 & 8 and the wall where we spent our first night in Oswego.

When we got out of the tunnel, there was a small bakery/deli and we stopped for lunch. We ran into our fellow Loopers from Aisling Gheal who had been out sight-seeing as well. We chatted with them for a while, and they invited us over to their boat in the evening for some “Irish Music”. After lunch, we crossed the river on the railroad bridge and went down a steep set of stairs to a park that follows the river from the railroad bridge all the way to the harbor on the far bank. It was a nice walk of about a mile, and we recrossed just above Lock 8 and watched a powerboat go through.

In the afternoon, I got out my bike and rode the 2 miles (uphill both ways) to Rite-Aid to pick up the prescriptions. While I was gone, Brenda played with the local groundhog and ducks.

In the evening we walked to the restaurant next door to the marina and had a nice dinner. The appetizer was a huge pretzel, filled with hummus and veggies! Excellent!

When we got back from dinner, we heard an Irish jig coming from across the marina. We saw our friends Jeff & Barbie playing their penny whistle and ukulele. I grabbed a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey and we walked over and sat with them and their two Dachshunds, Hansel & Gretel. We had a great time listening and talking to them, and other boaters in the marina came out to dance to the music as well!