Hello All! Welcome to Lahey.me!

Brenda and I have used the domain “Lahey.me” for our email address for over 9 years, ever since we moved to South Carolina and switched from “LaheyNH.com” but we have never had a website or blog attached to it.

Currently, we have two blogs, KissedSomeFrogs.com and JustPlainTom.com. Keeping up with adding content to both and paying for hosting is getting a bit much, so we have decided to consolidate the other two blogs into one at Lahey.me!

All of our new content will be added to Lahey.me, and we are slowly moving all of the old content from the other two blogs over to the new site. You can still visit the old sites until we finish the migration.

If you would like to be notified when we add new blog entries, you can subscribe for email notices!